A Day in Huế

When I told friends that I was going to be travelling to Vietnam and landing in Da Nang, a lot of them suggested going to Huế, Hoi An and Dalat. I didn’t make it to Dalat and if you don’t know how I feel about Hoi An yet based on my Instagram posts, well I […]

Reunited in Da Nang

Da Nang was my first destination in Vietnam and that is because I couldn’t wait to be reunited with my friend Julia. She recently moved there back in April and my desire to visit her started as soon as she stepped foot on Asian soil. You must remember Julia right? I wrote a whole post […]

Let’s go backpacking again!

It’s been about seven months since I went backpacking. Ok, I did go on a few week-long trips since moving to Bangkok, but that’s different. For one, I got to travel with a small day bag as opposed to my 40L backpack. Anyways, I’m writing this as I am sitting on the plane to Da […]

Why Thailand?

Moving to a foreign Country was honestly something that I decided to do out of the blue. I mean, I flirted with the idea a bit before but I remember the time that I called Natalie one day in July 2017 and said, “I’m going to move to Thailand in November.” It was very matter-of-fact. […]

I’ve been in a slump

I’m sure a lot of my regular readers can already guess this but… I’ve been in a writing slump. Not just a writing slump, a life slump. I’ve been finding it hard to be motivated to do anything and I would like to change it now! I guess I just want to take this time […]

Embarking on my solo adventure

Up until now, I have been sharing the adventure that I went on with my best friend, Natalie. Travelling with her was like travelling with a security blanket for my anxiety. I knew that if anything happened to me or if I ever felt uncomfortable or scared, she was there for me. That obviously changes […]

Backpacking with your best friend

Let’s talk about travelling with a friend or moreso, finding a travel partner. Travelling with Natalie seemed like a pretty natural course of action for me. I love her to death, we get along super well, and we are typically on the exact same wavelength. I briefly mentioned her in my introduction to my anxiety; […]

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