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The BEST Coconut Coffee in Da Nang

If you don’t know already, I love coconut coffee! When I decided to move to Vietnam, I also made it my goal to find the best coconut coffee in Da Nang. Now that I work as a freelancer, coffee shops are my new office and as an unwritten rule, I only stopped at cafes that served a delicious cup of coconut coffee.

Coconut coffee is generally made up of blended coconut milk, condensed milk, and Vietnamese robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is meant to be two times stronger here in Vietnam, which is why you can pair it with milk, coconut, eggs, or even avocados and still enjoy strong, caffeinated beverages.

Although we are focusing on coconut coffee, I’ve also given my top picks for cafes with a chill and easy work vibe. So let’s go!

The Hideout Cafe

Coconut coffee cost: 45K VND

I’m going to start with my personal favourite cafe to work from. It was close to my apartment and is like a little cave that played chill jazz and also made great coconut coffee. I frequented the Hideout on a regular basis to the point where they would start making a coconut coffee for me when they saw me.  

But how is the coconut coffee though?

If I’m being honest, it isn’t my favourite coconut coffee in Da Nang only because it was never strong enough for me. On the days where I had a lot to do, I needed to order two when I was there (or at least some other jolt of caffeine) and that could get a bit pricey. With that being said, the taste was still good and incredibly creamy.

Pros: Tons of seating and outlets. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who liked to work there and often saw familiar faces day-to-day. 

Cons: The thing I liked the most about The Hideout Cafe is potentially the thing that others will like the least about it. It’s a concrete cave with no windows and does tend to get a bit dark compared to other cafes on this list. To me, it felt cozy but it was a complaint amongst my friend group whenever I mentioned that I was going to work there for the day.

Golem Coffee

Cost of the Coconut Coffee: 45K VND

Golem Coffee is not a cafe I went to often since it is on the city-side, but a cafe that I was able to focus well at when I was there. It has a cool rustic vibe with mismatched chairs and multiple seating areas made from recycled pallets and furniture. I think that artsy, creative vibe is what helped inspire my work because every time I was there, I was able to smash out some solid hours of work.

But how is the coconut coffee though?

It was meh. Nothing too fancy and I felt like I was just paying for the ability to be there using their internet and power. Don’t get me wrong, it still tasted good and I ordered it every single time I was there.

Pros: Cool and creative vibe with a lot of seating options. Golem Cafe also has a pretty expansive beverage menu (which I didn’t really try out because of my overbearing coconut coffee obsession).

Cons: Since it is a trendy cafe in the city with multiple Insta-worthy spots, it did quite busy at times. Not too crowded with other nomads, but with tourists that came by to take photos and make a bunch of noise. Soundproof headphones are a must when heading here for the day.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster

Coconut coffee cost: 75K VND

You can’t come to Da Nang and be completely oblivious about 43 Factory. This is one of the premium cafes in Da Nang and for a good reason. They specialize in aromatic drip coffees and pride themselves on creating a deep coffee relationship vs. being just another coffee shop.

But how is the coconut coffee though?

It is good. Expensive. The presentation is stunning. However, I think I would prefer to drink the coffee black. 43 Factory was the only place where I felt like the sweet blended coconut concoction that I so dearly love ruined the coffee. 

Pros: Deliciously curated drip coffee selections. If you love coffee, you need to stop by here. 

Cons: I personally wasn’t able to get much work done. Maybe I was just too stimulated by all the things around me, but I found it difficult to focus. Difficult to find a decent seat close to a plugin for my laptop. There are many people that swear by working here but it just wasn’t it for me.

Wonderlust Bakery & Coffee

Coconut coffee cost: 45K VND  

Wonderlust was a cafe I found on one of my last days in Da Nang and I must confess, I am so disappointed I didn’t visit earlier. I should preface this by saying that this cafe was made for Instagram, but that is not why I love it. It had just enough stimulation to keep my creative energy on its working warpath and they have cake!

But how is the coconut coffee though?

Creamy with a bold flavour. I wasn’t expecting to like it much since the cafe is all aesthetics. Sometimes when you find cool places, they kind of give up on their actual products because they already put all the effort into the vibe of their establishment. At Wonderlust, that wasn’t the case and I thoroughly enjoyed the coconut coffee and had the perfect amount of caffeine buzz.

Pros: Umm, did I mention CAKE?! I had been craving a rich, chocolate, spongy cake pretty much since I first got to Vietnam. (Don’t ask,  have no reason why.) I ended up choosing the blue velvet cake and despite not having cream cheese icing, it was soooo good. Light and fluffy and the perfect little reward for working hard that day.

Cons: Minimal seating. It gets busy and if you don’t snag a seat fast, there is a pretty good chance you won’t be working there that day. Luckily, there are so many other cafes in the area as a back-up.

H Coffee

Coconut coffee cost: 25K VND

H Coffee quickly became a staple in my rotation because how can you argue with 25K coconut coffee? I went to H Coffee specifically to get an hour or two of writing out of the way. Its location was easy to get to if I decided to go out to eat for lunch that day in An Thuong and I typically stopped by before heading home.

But how is the coconut coffee though?

I think I prefer it more than Golem and 43 Factory’s coconut coffee, mainly due to the cost. It is easily the cheapest coconut coffee in Da Nang but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a pretty decent beverage. You don’t need to worry about trading taste for the price.

Pros: H Coffee also had some other unique beverages here such as avocado coffee. I also really liked their passion fruit juice which they sold for only 17k.

Cons: It’s not a comfortable place to work. As I mentioned, I could do one or two hours there but my butt and back would get sore from sitting on the benches.

Ka Cong Cafe

Coconut coffee cost: 43K VND

This is another cafe that I didn’t visit until my last day. I tended to stay to the south of Nguyen Van Thoai street and wish I had discovered this place sooner. Ka Cong is one of the few vintage cafes that are sprinkled around Da Nang. They also have a huge food menu (mainly seafood) and a large seating area.

But how is the coconut coffee though?

I actually really liked the coconut coffee here. It was served the same way that 43 Factory presents their coconut coffee with coconut flakes as well. The flavour was bold and had enough caffeine in it that I didn’t crave more right away.

Pros: Unique vibe. The exterior was my favourite part of it. The inside had so much to see which was both quirky and interesting. I LOVE the reuse of old sewing machine tables in the mid-seating area ( you will have to go to see what I mean!)

Cons: I couldn’t really access the outlet situation. It is popular among tourists so at times it was busy which means that spots near the walls could fill up quite fast. Honestly, I haven’t been here enough to find anything super wrong with the place.

BreadnSalt Cafe

Coconut coffee cost: 65K VND

BreadnSalt is a new cafe that opened up on An Thuong 5. This is industrial-style building offers a ton of light, comfy seating, and outlets galore. It quickly became one of my favourite cafes to work from when I lived in Da Nang.

But how is the coconut coffee though?

In my opinion, the best coconut coffee in Da Nang is served at Bread‘n’Salt. Although a bit pricey, I head to BreadnSalt if I really need a caffeine boost because their coconut coffee is strong. I prefer the bolder taste of the coffee that is offered here.

Pros: Working at BreadnSalt is a dream. Strong coffee and excellent seating options made it so easy for me to get in the zone. I also really like that they bring you a full bottle of water to the table so that you can stay hydrated without having to constantly ask for your glass to be refilled.

Cons: It’s pricey. The food is good but there are better brunch places around BreadnSalt that are more affordable (ie. Mini’s!!). Also, a plain iced black coffee here is 45k, which is very expensive for Vietnam and can turn off people from wanting to work here.

There it is. My favourite cafes to work at with the yummiest coconut coffees in Da Nang. If you are wanting a more extensive list on work-friendly cafes in Da Nang. Avery has a comprehensive guide on her blog

As for me, I have a few more Expat Life x Da Nang posts coming so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on them. Also, did I miss your choice for the best coconut coffee spot in Da Nang? Let me know in the comments!

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