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My name is Candice and welcome to the domain of the Voyage-bound Girls! Since I am going to surprise my best friend Natalie with this set up blog, I’m just going to kick this off and talk about what I’m expecting to get out of this. Why am I doing this? What’s the point?

So recently, we have gotten the travelers itch. I’m not talking about, “oh I really need a vacation to just get away from everything”. I’m talking about, “I want to see the world”. I need to see the world. We always talked about it. We were going to travel everywhere and move to London, or move somewhere out of Vancouver. But it was all talk. So, I just did it. I bought two tickets and I’m dragging my best friend with me to Spain and Morocco. Dragging isn’t the right word though… trust me… it wasn’t a fight with her.

After seeing how easy and cheap it will be for us to travel, our eyes and minds were just opened with all the possibilities of the places we can go. I want to document all of our travels in this blog. I want to be able to share our experiences with our friends and family who might not be able to just get up and travel like they want to. I want to also have something to look back on to reminisce on our adventures. Lastly, although I don’t desire a huge following, I would love to help or inspire someone else. I personally want to blog about fashion, as well as travelling as a lady, and tips on travelling with anxiety.

Since I need to renew my passport, I’m going to renew it for 10 years and see how many places we can go. Ten years of adventure. Lets go!!


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