Hola, Spain

We have reached the conclusion of my trip to Spain.

I was concerned at first, with the idea that I am retelling my travel tales. I didn’t think I would ever actually blog again since the failure to back in September. We wanted to both blog, but never truly realised how much work went into it. Therefore, I stopped writing, even journaling, and didn’t think I’d be able to talk about those trips in the detail that I have.

Having this opportunity now to go back and reminisce about the past has been a more than pleasant experience. I got more than just being able to relive my travels, I got to reflect on a few things. Reflect on what it was really like being able to roam new lands with my best friend.

Also got to think about my mental state, of course. About how I felt then, and how much has changed in such a short amount of time. I can remember some of the really anxious feelings, the typical nerves during travel. The excitement yet also the fear of what to come. Knowing that I was going to be leaving for my big adventure once we were back in Vancouver had really affected my outlook during this trip to Morocco and Spain.

We are going to talk some more about that next week. As for right now, please revel in some of my favourite photos that I took in Spain and also a separate gallery for the Alhambra.



© All photos taken and edited by me, Sept 2017

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