Stop 0.5: London

“As I’m sitting here in the airport, waiting for my boarding to London, I feel the anxiety creeping up. I can most definitely say that I am excited, but I am also very nervous and honestly a little scared. It is normal for those kind of emotions to come up when you venture into the unknown.”

To get to Morocco and Spain, it was more cost effective to go to London first. We left Vancouver at 2:55pm on the 7th and got to London at 8am on the 8th. I’d like to say it was smooth sailing but we got typically confused by the transit system. Eventually we made it into the city and transit makes a lot more sense here. It reminds me a lot of Japan actually.

One of the first things that I became enamored with here was the architecture. You will be walking around and will see a contrast in the building styles. To me, I find it poetic seeing a tall, metal and glass, modernly designed building next to its polar opposite; a small, stone or wooden, intricately designed building.

As for what we got up to, honestly not much. We were so tired by time we made it to the hotel, I stayed up all night hoping to sleep on the plane and I didn’t even get an hours rest. We napped and then took a walk down to the Tower of London. I found it surreal standing in the same area that once imprisoned Anne Boleyn. London is rich with history and the stories of King Henry and his wives is by far my favorite. The next morning after we arrived, we only had a few hours to do anything so obviously we tried to find Platform 9 3/4. Although we were unsuccessful, we got to enjoy more of the multitudes of London’s architecture. I felt like I was on a movie set, it didn’t feel real.

In all honesty, I was not that keen on coming here. It’s not that I didn’t like the idea of visiting London, it’s just never been on my “I need to go there” list. But that has changed and I’m really enjoying this little stay here. I may have to come back for a longer visit.

I look forward to returning but I am unbelievably excited to head to Morocco!!


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