Let’s go backpacking again!

It’s been about seven months since I went backpacking. Ok, I did go on a few week-long trips since moving to Bangkok, but that’s different. For one, I got to travel with a small day bag as opposed to my 40L backpack. Anyways, I’m writing this as I am sitting on the plane to Da […]

I’ve been in a slump

I’m sure a lot of my regular readers can already guess this but… I’ve been in a writing slump. Not just a writing slump, a life slump. I’ve been finding it hard to be motivated to do anything and I would like to change it now! I guess I just want to take this time […]

Embarking on my solo adventure

Up until now, I have been sharing the adventure that I went on with my best friend, Natalie. Travelling with her was like travelling with a security blanket for my anxiety. I knew that if anything happened to me or if I ever felt uncomfortable or scared, she was there for me. That obviously changes […]

Backpacking with your best friend

Let’s talk about travelling with a friend or moreso, finding a travel partner. Travelling with Natalie seemed like a pretty natural course of action for me. I love her to death, we get along super well, and we are typically on the exact same wavelength. I briefly mentioned her in my introduction to my anxiety; […]

1st Stop (of 2017): Morocco

I think I first want to start by talking about our expectations of Morocco. When we told our friends and family that we were travelling to Morocco and Spain, we got a response that we were really disappointed to hear. Although everyone was excited about Spain, many people asked us “why Morocco?”. We also got […]

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